Steven R. Brown

R. Brown

I believe in young people, and I enjoy being able to make a difference in their lives at all levels. I've worked with many youth organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America, the American Youth Soccer Association and Phoenix Youth at Risk.

In my work with Phoenix Youth at Risk, we reach out to youth who are struggling in school, in trouble with the law, in gangs, and who are involved with drugs and violence. We help them make a change and turn their lives around.

Although many of the students at Humboldt State University are in a different position, I want to ensure that they too have the opportunity to succeed.

I'm very excited about being able to give back to the university and to future generations.

Humboldt is a great place for enthusiastic students who want to learn practical applications for their passions. It's a nurturing place where students have the opportunity to explore. It's a place where views are challenged and the curriculum can strengthen and expand a student's ideals. As a Natural Resources graduate, I also understand the importance of Humboldt's role in environmental research and educational outreach.

I was very involved during my time at HSU, playing on the football team and serving as a member of the Forestry Honor Fraternity. I enjoyed my supplemental courses too. I had a superior experience as a student that I don't believe I could have received elsewhere. I want to make sure those opportunities are there for future students.

HSU also has a commitment to the greater community. For the past 25 years, I've followed Humboldt football and made an annual trip to their games. Whether it's through athletics, art or other academics, it's important for HSU to bring the campus and community together.


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