Jason Ramos

Jason Ramos

Being involved in my community is important to me. In addition to the Humboldt State University Advancement Foundation, I am currently a board member on the Blue Lake School Education Foundation and Vice President for the Blue Lake Teens for Change.

I am a member of the Tribal-State of California Regulators Association and Blue Lake Volunteer Fire Department's Long Term Planning committee. I am also a past HSU Alumni Association board member and a member of the HSU Alumni Association.

A lot of my work with the Blue Lake School Education Foundation has gone toward raising money to keep music, after-school sports and art in schools. A well-rounded, diverse education is important for students at any educational level.

Providing a well-rounded education is something that Humboldt State does well. HSU is a different and special place with a commitment to education and sustainability. Most of all, the university shows a real interest in students as people.

Humboldt State's role in Humboldt County also continues to grow. Not only does the university provide us with an educated population that's ready for the work force, but students also have an everyday impact that's critically important in the local economy.

I had a great experience at Humboldt State while I was pursuing my BS in Kinesiology. There wasn't a singular thing that I enjoyed, but, rather, it was the entirety of my experience. Even after working as a chiropractor and co-owning my own chiropractic practice, I've come back to HSU to earn my master's in Kinesiology.

This university has had a large impact on my life, and this is just one way for me to give back.


Gaming Commissioner Chairman
Blue Lake Rancheria
Blue Lake, CA