Duncan Robins

Duncan Robins

I recognize the important role Humboldt State University plays in the local community and that's one of the reasons why I've taken the opportunity to become involved with the school. I believe the more vibrant and successful the university is the more the community will benefit.

Since moving to the North Coast, I've been involved with a number of companies—and have been lucky enough to work with several of the high quality students who have graduated from HSU. In many cases we've seen our ventures grow and prosper thanks to the tremendous brainpower that comes from the university.

I greatly enjoy taking on new challenges and applying practical knowledge to solve complex problems. That's something I see at Humboldt State—graduates who know how to apply what they've learned, whether it's in wildlife, business or natural resources.

I believe you can always make something world class if people are willing to put their passion toward it and I've been lucky enough to work with people who did just that. I'm looking forward to bringing that commitment to success to the foundation and to Humboldt itself.