David Kalb


I've always enjoyed working in or dealing with government. I attended Humboldt for four years as a Political Science Major. During that time, I served on the student council, was student body president and participated in a number of extracurricular activities. My years at HSU were rewarding and my education has served me well.

After graduation, I went to work for the City of Roseville and then worked in the CA Governor's Office. I earned a master's degree in Public Administration at CSU Sacramento taking classes at night and on weekends. It was through a combination of these two degrees and my professional expertise (plus a small loan from my family), that I was able to start my own consulting firm, Capitol Services, in 1982.

Many private companies are required to register with one or more State government agencies as a prerequisite of doing business in California. It was Capitol Services’ mission to help people start a new company or expand their existing business quickly and efficiently. The corporation was sold in 2012 and I am now providing expert witness assistance to the legal community and construction industry through Riverview Consulting.

What one learns in college can only carry you so far; however, personally it was a great launching pad for the next thirty-five years. I was fortunate to have attended HSU and have a great fondness for the time I spent there. In 1985, I set up the Kalb Award scholarship with help from my mentor and former professor, Bruce Haston. This award is presented annually to a political science major or any student who has demonstrated personal commitment and leadership by taking an active role in student government. I established the David Kalb Endowment in 2011, and the name was amended to the Kalb-Haston Award in 2013.

There is a similarity between my college experience with student government in the ‘70’s and my current role as a Foundation Board Member. In both cases, the betterment of the University and overall student experience was, and continues to be, the primary goal. It's exciting to work with other Board members and I appreciated the opportunity to have served as HSUAF Vice-Chair in 2011 and Chair in 2012-2014.


Riverview Consulting Inc.