Chuck Petrusha


I was born in Tulsa, Okla., and moved to Humboldt County at age 19, where I worked for my mom and dad here at Advanced Security Systems. I've been part of this community and the business community ever since.

Our community is made up of a fabric of individuals, organizations and worthwhile events, and it's all intertwined with the future of Humboldt State University.

HSU has an economic impact on our community. It offers valuable goods and services; it also has cultural significance and supports the arts. And from my perspective as a parent, the Museum of Natural History is a gem. They have great exhibits and great educational opportunities for our youth.

With everything that Humboldt State offers to our community, I hope to contribute a couple of things, too. I'm on the financial subcommittee right now. I've also sat on various boards with the business department, which is training the business leaders of tomorrow.

The number one way we at Advanced Security Systems have given and continue to give is through Athletics because we see it, not only as fun, but also as a way to draw the community closer to the university.

I hope to draw in other folks and show them my view of HSU in hopes that they will also contribute.

This is the community in which I live. It's part of who I am. And giving back is not really “giving back,” it's being part of the community. It's a generational gift.

I hope that HSU will continue to be a vital part of our community and a leader in educating future generations.


Advanced Security Systems