Emily McBride


I consider myself a “people person.”

Last year, I was on the AS Presents committee and helped organize events, and I’m the music manager at KRFH. A big part of my experience at HSU, however, has been working for the Phone Jacks. Since my freshman year, I’ve reached out to our alumni to raise funds for Humboldt State. Talking to alumni from different generations and backgrounds, and hearing their stories has been amazing. 

Serving on the Advancement Foundation Board seems to be a natural next step because of my experience with students, alumni, and fundraising. Now I’ll have the chance to understand where funds go and how they’re managed, and to pass along what I’ve learned to my peers. In fact, I want to be on the Philanthropy Committee. As an Environment Management & Protection major, I’m conscientious about sustainability and I’m particularly interested in the school’s effort to divest its endowment of fossil fuels. I really want to encourage that going forward. 

I love HSU, and feel so lucky to have found this school. When I first visited HSU, I thought, “Wow, this is where I need to be.” 

The sense of community is strong and really important to me. And being a part of this community, I want to share a general understanding of the background of HSU finances.


Humboldt State University